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Cell Phone Video Offers A Rare Glimpse Of Sri Lanka’s Long Civil War

Sri Lanka’s long civil war ended in May 2009 with the defeat of the Tamil Tigers rebels. Three years later, photos and videos recorded by a soldier and smugg…

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23 Responses to “Cell phone video offers a rare glimpse of Sri Lanka’s long civil war”

  1. lostvelu pillai says:

    UN fucked? who told u that?..UN can`t even remove assad, why UN can`t give us a eelam annaa?

  2. lostvelu pillai says:

    yes, every amil punadai is now bussy sucking singala dick–waarom why?
    our leader velu is still runing!

  3. Sri Lanka says:


  4. Sri Lanka says:

    What program did you use to edit this?

  5. dinapoli123 says:

    Terrorist propaganda uses some free software to make these movies. 20 000 former so called LTTE terrorists have been rehabilitated into the socitiy…and got a second chance. In ANY other country..Even in USA. they would ether put them in Guantamo and trow away the keys, or just ” one bullet” in the head solution. But we …we forgive these nazty tamil terrorists who have killed so many sinhalese civilans and soldiers.

  6. dinapoli123 says:

    Fyk you dirty dravidian biatch , Sinhalese is the king on the island so go fykyourself

  7. seran694 says:


  8. STFpolice1 says:

    really? amazing I’m looking out the window right now. I see UN troops storming the beach wow.

  9. seran694 says:

    UN already fucked your little fucking Srilanka.

  10. STFpolice1 says:

    go cry to the UN to arrest me. I’d like to see that.

  11. liverpoolfcofficial says:

    Another bullshit piece of rubbish from the criminal enterprise wow. What a shocker lol. FAIL

  12. ok war criminal.

  13. STFpolice1 says:

    these are very dangerous individuals hostile towards the state. rehabilitation is not an viable options, they must and will be put to death.

  14. STFpolice1 says:

    sri lanka army god bless you. thank you for letting these little shits get what they deserve all 40,000 of them. I thank you for each and every one of them. 

  15. dinapoli123 says:

    We made the country free from dirt ! Still some left to thought

  16. braze2006 says:

    Here we go again Tamil Tiger Propaganda video created out of no where all bs see the truth here

  17. arnotkaling says:

    nothing to do with religion? ha ha so now ur higher than god? Krishna stated ‘an aryan is one who follows scriptures.’ iranians were never buddhist.

  18. arnotkaling says:

    why can’t u respond to my video or answer about tamil? so clearly ur a racist with no other life than to keep posting comments on youtube even though u can’t answer me. so a sinhalese caste is called karava and they are related to the kauravas?? ha ha what a joke. There is a ceylonese kariyar caste that doesn’t mean ceylonese are related to the kauravas.

  19. dinapoli123 says:

    Kuaravas ? so how come that one sinhalese cast is called karava then?.
    Aryans are ONLY hindus ? . ..I cant belive you said that…To be aryan have nothing to do with religion . LOL did you go ask the Iranians if they would like your comment on that one ….By the way ..before Iran was islamic, half of Iran was buddists… Buddism is older than all religions execpt hinduism

  20. arnotkaling says:

    idiot, tamil is a language as I’ve already told you countless number of times. the people in this video are not tamils and did not come from south india. secondly idiot, kauravas never migrated to ceylon. The kauravas are only found in Indraprastha. 2ndly idiot, tamil is not a dravidian language. give me proof that it was invented in south india. sinhalese aryan ha ha ha. Aryans are hindus not buddhist terrorists

  21. dinapoli123 says:

    Tamils are dravidian and there language is also Dravidian. They came from South India. Sinhalese is a mix of different Indo-aryan people from the north India who immigrated trough wars . People that you can find have immigrated to sri lanka is . Yavanas (indo-greeks) todays south europeans. Kambojas (todays iranians) Kuaravas (clan from around todays north indian citty of new dehli) . Sakas (todays pakistan) . Plenty of info online you can find about these peoples immigration to SL.

  22. arnotkaling says:

    so who are tamils? tamil is a language idiot. now why do you keep making comments but can’t respond to my video?

  23. dinapoli123 says:

    The world shuld hail the sinhalese army for protecting and free our island from Terrorists and racist tamils. Long live Sri Lanka and the sinhalese people!

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