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Charge Your Cell Without A Charger, Hill Billy Cell Charger

This video shows you how to sucessfuly charge your cell phone without a compatable charger. You will be able to charge your cellphone without its charger all…

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24 Responses to “Charge your cell without a charger, Hill billy cell charger”

  1. Sarah Valero says:

    battery shouldnt heat up O_o unless it got too much juice

  2. Sarah Valero says:

    wont charge that way think of it like breathing positive is the good air coming in and negative is the bad air going out the electricity needs to cycle to give things electric

  3. Sarah Valero says:

    yea at least we smart coming up w/ ways to do things w/ out paying

  4. Sarah Valero says:

    John the cord doesnt put out enough charge to electrocute you… I’ve been trained to fix cell phones and do small electrical work on circuit boards…. I can touch the wires w/ out getting electrocuted and the best thing to use is a wall plug charger with this you would have to pass a stronger electrical current to screw up the battery memory and electrocute yourself… shes using a usb cord prob. why its doing that should really strip the wires off a wall or car charger

  5. ryan thompson says:

    like wheres the video of u showing us ur boobs!???

  6. Brian Barcus says:

    FYI to your viewers: I bought a charger for my phone at Amazon for under one dollar, just 81 cents, and it’s good quality too. They have the type you plug into the wall, car cig lighter, and USB cables with the actual end on it (no cutting, taping, shocking, battery or phone kill risk). I even got another for $1.80 that has interchangeable end – USB end (for PC charge) that can plug into wall plug (AC) header piece (for wall charge). Under $2 and arrived in 2 days, any type you need, and SAFE!

  7. isnt hillbilly one word?

  8. comebackid1234 says:

    White people say black people are ghetto . STFU ALL WHITE PEOPLE

  9. tuulik123 says:

    Or just use a simple charger

  10. GruesomeGuy83 says:

    what if the phone has four prongs instead of three? I Also do not see the positive or negative on battery or phone

  11. puffolino1 says:

    strip strip just strip why do you say it but don’t do it agh ladies nowadays

  12. puffolino1 says:

    you strip all u say is strip seriously we aren’t going to “strip ov er here ” lesbians

  13. Jamie Campos says:

    So like can you like maybe do something like maybe like take the word “like” out of your like vocbulary, so you might like sound like a human like?

  14. GrizzReezy420 says:

    hahahahha dude kudos for that pun u put at the end – “oh and electrocuted means to be killed by electricity, you were probably shocked” – haha its perfect to the ones whom the pun was for haha

  15. bekkah sosaa says:

    It Works But When i take the wire out the phone doesn’t come back on the battery just goes dead

  16. bekkah sosaa says:

    - So If The The Usb Is Not Connected With The Positive & Negative Then The Phone Wont Charger ? Or Does It Matter ?

  17. Dominique Otis says:

    Just got it!! I am soo happy! Thank you so much! I watched other videos and they didn’t really work for me but yours did, again thanks!

  18. Dominique Otis says:

    Uhg I got it the 2nd time but then one of the metal things came out and now I keep messing up! Im getting frustrated, but I really hope I can get it .__.

  19. Wow , a Female doing some thing with electricity , wiring , electronics , awesome , You don’t see that too often . I’d rather this than makeup tutorials . Keep Kickin out the knowledge .

  20. wow omg thank you for uploading this video. I was skeptical at first but this works on my lg shine plus android :)

  21. mjbadboy14 says:

    Your well pretty

  22. Mi Nombre says:

    is it suppose to take a while for my battery to heat up?

  23. Isaac Rood says:

    Sounds like an adventure… Wish I went on that one.

  24. Toya Walks says:

    I tried this today and it worked!!! it stayed on long enough for me to transfer my photos to sn external SD card and delete all of my social media accounts before i have to return it. The replacement will be here next week!!! Thank you!!!!!

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