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DC Metro Robbery And Beating RAW ( Green Line )

Metro Transit Police have arrested two juveniles after a cell phone robbery led to a fight on Metro last Friday. The incident was captured on camera. In this…

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25 Responses to “DC Metro Robbery and Beating RAW ( Green Line )”

  1. Magic32Jackson says:

    Metros should allowed to whites only

  2. Douglas Ogan says:

    That ladies and Gentlemen is why I carry a Glock. Try and take my wifes, my kids, or my phone…..PLEASE! Give me a fucking reason to put holes in your ass.————-

  3. BWHAHAHAHA!!! wow and I thought there was nothing lower than a public school education. Morons like this spout this BS without 1 shred of evidence, “it was destroyed”…. how convenient. Truth be told, the black race hasnt contributed anything to classical and modern civilization. They try to revise history and claim blacks were the first Egyptians when all evidence would show otherwise. Sorry life dealt you a shitty hand bro. Buck up and make something of your own life. Not revise history

  4. Juline1221 says:

    Fuck that I would of wash that fuck nigga

  5. tremaine Mcdowell says:

    umm ur confused sweet heart blacks are the masters of this planet n soley sought after far our greatestness til this day ,r women gave birth to the world n our men create civilisation,i dont blame u 4 not knowing the truth its bn withheld n destroyed ever since u peasants came from ur land or mountains depending on ur race,so do ur research n far as inventions we created math science law medicine n so forth !!!sorry hun wherever or whomever probably the us has educated u but u bn fed a BULLSHIT

  6. Abdul Wahid says:

    We are far removed from the conditions of oppression. This has every thing to do with lack of moral accountability and responsibility. We have to work towards an “ideal” world collectively.

  7. Abdul Wahid says:

    There is no way to logically rationalize the behavior these kids. Its quite apparent that much of the DC youth are suffering from a social disease. Immorality has become the norm and sadly its excepted.

  8. Marbles471 says:

    An “ideal world” starts one person at a time, duckandcover. It starts with you and me. When individuals decide that predators attacking people in public is unacceptable behavior , and stand up to it instead of trying to rationalize and excuse it, it will end pretty quickly.

  9. Marbles471 says:

    Wrong as it’s possible to be.

    I’m Jewish by birth. Because of centuries of oppression, should my actions be rationalized if I went around attacking random white Christians? My grandfather lost much of his extended family to the Nazis. Should I find random Germans and hurt them? Should my attacks be viewed “in context?”

    Talk of “the right context” is nothing but a rationalization of predatory, bullying cowardice.
    And frankly, it wouldn’t have been much different if the victims were black.

  10. duckandcoverX says:

    What you just said was cute to say the least. Ok sure they might have been civl rights historians. I’m sure there were thousands of Blacks who wanted to get along with whites during slavery but were still brutalized. And yes, nobody should be attacked in an IDEAL world. I wish we lived in a world like that. But sadly, this is what happens when an oppressed group deals with outsiders. It all makes sense when you look at it in the right context.

  11. Marbles471 says:

    Really think about what you’re saying. “They had it coming.”
    Seriously? Had it coming? For what? Simply existing in a particular place at a particular time? Simply for having to ride public transportation to get to someplace they had to go?
    Do you not understand how twisted and messed up that is?
    Freedom is being able to come and go as you wish, without fear. We all—black, white, Asian, Latino—deserve that freedom. That is how the world should be. Stop rationalizing this kind of insanity.

  12. Marbles471 says:

    Enjoy laughing with your little friends, then.

  13. Marbles471 says:

    And that’s what’s twisted about your outlook. This has nothing to do with lack of historical awareness. For all you know, those girls could have been civil rights historians. That is completely not the point, and deep down you know this.
    EVERYONE, black, white or otherwise, deserves to have the freedom to come and go as they please, in their own country, without fear of getting attacked for no reason. It does not matter if the area is “predominantly” your own race or not.

  14. Marbles471 says:

    By your logic, every individual is responsible for every action their ancestors ever committed. If your great-grandfather was a murderer, are you going to use the same logic to excuse the descendants of his victim when he decides to take his revenge out on YOU?

    These girls didn’t do ANYthing to these cowardly bullies. No more than you or your cat did, if you have one. What “ignorance” did the girls display in trying to prevent something they needed from being stolen from them?

  15. Marbles471 says:

    If you’d bothered to read the description, the suspects called THEMSELVES the 44th Street Crew.

    And seriously? “Racial profiling?” That’s really what you think of when you see this? Try again.

  16. DoomCity202 says:

    lol…..nice….you are really pouring it on thick!!!
    I like how you said the behavior was from “the black community”.
    Then…You say the KKK only acts brave in packs……like monkeys?
    Great job!!!

  17. DoomCity202 says:

    lol at niggas trying to do dirt live broadcasted

    this shit is embarrassing…these kids aint shit without fathers in the homes
    many of these bitches had a choice and took the monthly child support &
    gov assistance offered. Its a sad cycle that leads to all of this.

  18. DeMaxize says:


  19. Awful Aim says:

    niggers finna nig

  20. Myron Gaines says:

    how dumb are these niggers? rob and assault someone while video taping it and put it on the internet? this is why every state should have conceal carry laws put these hoodrats in their place.

  21. harrisplayer says:

    RIP DC…was a great place until the overpopulation cause our “great” perfect country corporation and politicians want money and dont give a fuck about people and shit like this happens, fucking people i hate em….

  22. harrisplayer says:

    fucking assholes, im not a chauvinist or feminist but they only wanna gang up on white women and overpower them and they call themselves “men”, i hope a fat black women were their to stomp and sit on their scrawny asses…..

  23. More black people acting like animals, nobody is shocked by this kind of behavior anymore from the black community….. this is what happens when politicians disarm law abiding citizens. Cowards only act brave when traveling in packs like a bunch of monkeys.

  24. TheBeezKid says:

    As an african american woman I can say that karma will be a beast for these lil hoodrats. And hoodrats come in all colors.

  25. bjgetsthabait says:

    Ctfuuup kill

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