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Free Cell Phone Service Part 2

Part 2 of a 2 part tutorial regarding how to modify a cell phone to get free cell phone service.

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25 Responses to “Free cell phone service part 2”

  1. i want to say he pute a sim card in when he swaped the battery but i no how cellphones work and in some phones if you do this to the sim slot some need a little more dun it will throw the phone in to service mode for makeing a test calls. thats like most people do not no it but you can actuly get most gam phones activated without a sim card but internal programming is required

  2. patrickcarter9966 says:

    Dude I am gonna laugh my ass off whenever u get caught plus u get ten years in prison

  3. Hunter Slavinsky says:

    after he had to pause the video to replace the battery who thinks he should have showed the back of the phone to make sure he did not put his sim card back in?

  4. MrMjsmith626 says:

    I have a Uni-Vac cellphone takes about 2-3 minutes for the vacuum tubes to warm up in it.I wonder if I could short out the sim-punch card input for this to work?. LOL!!.

  5. ice blue says:

    do you have any clue how smartchips work? no didn’t think so. Now how about do you have any clue how server authentications work? No didn’t think so

  6. Doah Roods says:

    You’re fucking dumbass. Did you not listen to anything he said in the beginning.

  7. dabaxt70 says:

    I wanna kick this guy’s ass. What a fucking moron!

  8. Shay Thomas says:


  9. bigb67676 says:

    will this work on a pre paid phone

  10. moneystakin55 says:

    You are so awesome thankyou

  11. Louis Carter says:

    FRAUD FAKE CRAP Ain’t going happen. If so how would the big dogs keep out the coyotes like this one.

  12. ice blue says:

    You cloned the ESN’s same story since 1988!

  13. ice blue says:

    Its called a continuity tester wow jesus!

  14. lol idiots! way to short out the sim if your turned it on it would say sim not available! shorting it out dont do shit! It needs the ID to log onto the network servers or you wont get crap! n00bs!

  15. Timex1106 says:

    this does work just have to create something that connects the two currents like metal strip or in this case led which is kinda iffy. the fancy product you talk of can be purchased for about 10 to 20 dollars at a home improvement store. its to test outlets or any other electric device. This is actually a duh video unless your sim card is not easy to access like verizons.

  16. 2003fordwindstar . says:

    ok so i just tried this with several sim done work at all

  17. Richard Z says:

    If he tries to sell some fancy “product”, I can understand. but I just don’t understand how come so many ppl. on Youtube just uploading some useless video, what’s catch?

  18. Daniel May says:

    where do you expect us to get this fancy shit?

  19. Footy Maniac says:

    check my channel on how to get free internet my first vid.

  20. DeadlyxXWoLfYXxD says:

    was it real?

  21. Pwnzistor says:

    ohms dude… ohm

  22. 82coxy . says:

    around 5 years back i knew a lad who sold mobile phones with free calls on them, i know for a fact that you could get free calls on phones, i dont know how but it was defenetly not like this.

  23. can you do this with a motorola tracfone model w376g

  24. mathewss012 says:

    @94379 graphite does conduct electricity, i even did a science project on that once and it does.

  25. Capn Porksword says:

    i jsut got please insert sim

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