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Minimize The Danger Of Your Cell Phone – Discover the dangers of cellphone radiation and what Dr. Joseph Mercola, a natural health expert, recommends…

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25 Responses to “Minimize the Danger of Your Cell Phone”

  1. Thanks Doc, great info.

  2. hummarstra says:

    Terrific video. Thanks!! I’ve seen many on this subject and yours is the best. :)

  3. neptuniumforest says:

    Its like you dont cherish someone until their gone kinda thing.

  4. AmericanPresident08 says:

    I’ve discontinued my cell phone use for the past 3 months. Feeling better!

  5. Cheyemos says:

    Great info as always, Dr. Mercola, thank you! I’ve just eliminated the problem and got rid of my cellphone, I just use a landline now, I miss the convenience every once in awhile but over all it’s a feeling of liberation.

  6. dennisjonkristensen says:

    well you are right about its hard to convince people but still try. I dont wanna see my friends get cancer

  7. powerofnumbers says:

    Thanks very much for this valuable info – A close friend of mine died from a brain tumor and she used a mobile and cordless phones a lot – could be a coincidence, we will never know for sure, but it seems like common sense to me that this kind of technology held close to the head ain’t gonna help us!

  8. Terry Hurlbut says:

    Today we hear that more people are conscious of the radiation from cellphones, all right. An Israeli inventor came up with a solution that he calls the “Smart and Safe Headset.” Which turns out to be a variation on the Blue Tube!

    That *gonif* stole Joe Mercola’s invention!!!

    Ah, well. Joe, you may now consider yourself vindicated. And those of us who already own your Blue Tube can rest assured that *we* own the *original*.

  9. princessskb says:

    Thank you so much! Sharing this with all my friends. I am very sensitive to cell phone radiation so I use mine with a headset, great advice :)

  10. VanjaMk1 says:

    Please, do yourself a favor and stop being an “expert” in this field. And learn what “base station” really is.

  11. joannepsi says:

    Dr. Mercola, i’m worried about the radiation i’m exposed to from the big bang. It’s still evident you know. And then there’s the radiation from the sun. I’m literally terrified to go outside.

    Can you sell me something to protect my body?

  12. joannepsi says:

    He is making this stuff up as he goes along. Utter conman.

  13. Anyone who gets cancer knowing the risks deserves it!

  14. vinny damico says:

    yeah buddy but everything is bad for u now a days we all know that all cell phones give u cancer but also the air we take in everyday too much of anything is bad for u

  15. SpatialVortex says:

    lol, watch out Mercola, don’t let Apple catch you!

  16. officialticket says:

    What about hearing aids that communicate to each other? I assume these use radio waves too. If so how dangerous might that be?

  17. abcwritestartread says:

    Agreed, especially when you have company! OMG, how many people do you know answer their cell phone when you’re visiting! UNBELIEVEABLE!

  18. screenflicker1 says:

    Windows mobile had a cmoputer in the phone for a long long time before I phone got on planet

  19. HypnoticSubliminals says:

    It’s very hard to try and convince people of the facts of radiation, electromagnetic fields, etc., and the damage it is currently doing, in a silent capacity, to the health of millions. Time will tell, and I hope more and more people will grow aware of these frequencies.

  20. Tim Harris says:

    I’m beginning to share this opinion. It is one thing to point out issues but it seems that he has a product for all issues if you just go to his site to purchase it. I don’t mean that as a bad thing because there is tons of good info on his site.

  21. johnied8509 says:

    good video I need to order one of those headsets.

  22. Freshette says:

    Thank you, it is nice to have confirmation of my gut feeling!

  23. vidguy007 says:

    I read a story about a woman who thinks she spends to much time on her phone. Compared to what?

    The preocupation with cell phones amazes me. I don’t want to be bothered anywhere and everywhere.

    Phones are a bad way to communicate. Put the damn phone down once in a while.

  24. Is it just me or is this guy is just trying to make a quick buck. I mean all this stuff makes sense. But this guy has been pushing pots, pans, vitamins, oil, and now headsets.

  25. hangover71 says:

    does that explain the shrinkage..??

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